Architectural coverings

The textiles in the textile architecture range are “creative materials”, composite membranes with high tenacity and durability that allow architects’ ideas to take shape for solutions that are original every time.

For the architectural coverings of façades, Marcolin presents Stamisol®, a hi-tech solution which uses composite membranes with high tenacity and a 10-year warranty, treated to withstand weather, offering the architectural world a new creative tool which revolutionises the actual concept of 'façade'.
Versatility, high technical performances, reliability and durability: a creative revolution with a technological heart!
Thanks to the Precontraint® treatment, the Stamisol® technical textiles do not suffer shrinkage, ensuring optimal performance in time. The polyester yarn membrane with plasticiser coating allows competition with the more traditional products on the market.
The textile façade has extremely reduced building and assembly times and allows 3D, graphic and luminous effects of high impact thanks to the use of special profiles, the possibility of use of digital graphics, including the 3D type, and to LED lighting.
The Stamisol® under-roof membranes, thanks to a special technology, function like our skin - they breathe, protect against outside attack and act as regulator of humidity and the heat performances of the building.
Stamisol® loves the environment - 100% recyclable, it can act as sun protection and insulation, helping to lower energy consumption rates. For this reason it contributes to a better energy classification and can benefit from tax deductions.