The Marcolin patented system intended to revolutionise the traditional concept of covering.
The Eletta covering for tipper trailers is the revolutionary new patented system from Marcolin which can be housed on any structure. It needs no work by the builder and its assembly is particularly fast.
The main new feature of Eletta consists of attaching the drive unit above the cab guard, in this way eliminating any frontal obstruction (between cab and body).
In the electric version the motor is placed under the two fixed front bows for good integration and shielding.
Research has been carried out into the possibility of raising the motor at the centre for tipper trailers with piston projecting on the rear part of the cab guard.
This new system, alongside rods lifting system with rods and the kit for lowering the cables, gives the covering unique properties of ruggedness and function and thus solving the major problems of those in the industry.
Available in manual or electric versions with standard remote control and provided with a hand-operated emergency device.