The largest collection in the world of textiles for sun protection, for private and commercial use, furnishing interiors and exteriors and the marine sector.


The new TEMPOTEST® collection is peerless with a range of 96 plain colours in acrylic dyed in the mass, unique of its kind.
This range embraces all tastes in terms of colour, providing endless coordination possibilities. In its interior plays on warp and weft and special structures offer virtually any colour shade. Some versions are also available in extra width in order to cover different uses in sun protection.


Devised for those who require strong waterproofing. The line of resin-coated fabrics offers, thanks to a transparent acrylic resin, total waterproofing in addition to the normal performances of TEMPOTEST® fabrics.
A good range of versions in plain colours, stripes and patterns to meet every need. To enjoy outdoor areas even if it’s raining outside.


The Liberty line of fabrics maintains the special features of TEMPOTEST® fabrics.
It is also made in mass-dyed acrylic but with greater weight than traditional fabric (350g/m2 versus the traditional 300g/m2) and with a coarser texture.
This is to satisfy both aesthetic tastes and a greater need for resistance in particularly windy areas as well as higher water resistance compared to traditional TEMPOTEST® fabrics.