Code Description Image
4RC.00001 Slide with rod holes
4RC.00005 Rod stopper plug
4RC.00006 Nylon D.5 washer
4RC.00012 Tarp raiser W/side flaps - 500 mm pitch
4RC.00013 Tarp raiser W/side flaps - 600 mm pitch
4RC.00014 Tarp raiser W/side flaps - 700 mm pitch
4RC.00015 Tarp raiser W/side flaps - 800 mm pitch
4RC.00016 Standard bow foot
4RC.00018 Bow foot
4RC.00026 Rear plate for double bow
4RC.00027 Locking bracket for double bow
4RC.00028 Pair of double bow fixing plates
4RC.00030 Bow
4RC.00031 Bow
4RC.00032 Bow
4RC.00033 Bow
4RC.00034 Bow
4RC.00035 Bow
4RC.00036 White PE flat strip-15 meters coil
4RC.00037 Black PE flat strip-15 meters coil
4RC.00038 ALU plate for tarp fixing L = 2600 mm
4RC.00040 Elastic rope with hooks
4RC.00042 D6 steel cable
4RC.00043 Bag of 4 galvanized clamps
4RC.00055 Z-Section 2 mt bar
4RC.00057 Frontal L-shaped Hook
4RC.00058 Central L-shaped Hook
4RC.00059 Rear L-shaped Hook
4RC.00064 White roller L = 48 mm D.25
4RC.00277 Adaptation plate with bush and screws
4RC.00349 U-Bracket for automatic L-coupling
4RC.00350 Long U-bracket for automatic L-coupling
4RC.00482 Tarp raiser W/side flaps - 900 mm pitch
4RC.00483 Raiser
4RC.00484 Raiser
4RC.00485 Raiser
4RC.00486 Raiser
4RC.00487 Raiser
4RC.00489 Tarp raiser W/side flaps-IN.cable-800 mm
4RC.00490 Tarp raiser W/side flaps-INN-INN-700 mm
4RC.00491 Tarp raiser W/side flaps-INN-INN-800mm
4RC.00492 Bow foot
4RC.00493 Pair of single bow fixing plates
4RC.00494 Bag with 2 bungees for side fixing
4RC.00497 U-bracket adapter plate
4RC.00499 Pair of lowering brackets 5
4RC.00500 Pair of lowering brackets 7
4RC.00501 Pair of lowering brackets 8
4RC.00502 Pair of lowering brackets 9
4RC.00503 Pair of lowering brackets 18 double plug
4RC.00504 Pair of lowering brackets 19 double plug
4RC.00505 Pair of lowering brackets 27
4RC.00506 Pair of lowering brackets 28
4RC.00507 Windproof bracket for rod hook
4RC.00508 Rod hook H 151
4RC.00509 Rod hook H 139
4RC.00510 Pair of brackets for double bow H = 81mm
4RC.00512 Pair of brackets for double bow H=121mm
4RC.00532 Galvanized steel rope D6 - L 35 m
4RC.00533 Galvanized steel rope D6 - L 42 m
4RC.00534 Galvanized steel rope D6 - L 55 m

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